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my first time posting here ...

Digital prints of all photos (8x10inches) can be purchased for $5 US or $40 HK.  American and Hong Kong dollars only.
(Prints can also be made into smaller sizes. Ask me for pricings on these according to the size you would like.)
To order, you can either email me at 050552@hkis.edu.hk or comment below. thank you.

1. Woman in Doorway - India

2. Reflections of a Stone Screen - India

3. Palace Gateway - India

4. Stairway of a Sundial - India

5. Jungle Palace Gateway - India

6. Deteriorating Wall in Jungle Palace - India

7. Pointed Archway - India

8. Double Doorway - India

9. Ladder and Archway - India

10. Great Wall - Beijing

11. Round Doorway - Beijing

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